What's This All About?

I wanted to create a place that could house all of my different projects, because I feel like I have got my fingers in quite a few pies. Plus I don’t imagine you have time to watch hours of Youtube to find out more about who I am.
My projects

Those Two Brits

I’m mostly known for being half of the duo ‘Those Two Brits’. A channel which I started in 2012 with my best mate, Joel, who was my flatmate at the time. 
We’d met a year earlier at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) a well known drama school in central London. As actors just starting out, we had no idea that by 2018 our Youtube channel where we posted comedy sketches and characters would be our full time job, and we’d have built a brand off the back of our personalities. Absolutely zero acting was required.
Best friends and funny 
lifestyle & travel YouTubers
What do I actually do?

Whilst most of my network operates in the digital space, I still meet a lot of people who have absolutely no idea what it’s all about. To this day, I still get people saying “what? How do you make money from that?” and I have to explain the job to people. This used to bother me but now I remind myself that in the grand scheme of things, YouTube has only really been a monetized platform since 2009 so it is still kind of new, and so is the term ‘influencer’.
Frequently asked questions

Get to know me

#1  What is your personality type?


#2  Where Were You Born?

I was born in Warwickshire, England

#3  When Is Your Birthday?

21st July

#4 How Long Have You Been Creating Content?

Since 2012, when I left drama school and was bored waiting for the phone to ring!

#5  What is your Job?

Some say ‘influencer’ but I prefer to call myself a ‘content creator’

#6 What Is Your Heritage?

I am half Greek, a quarter Cypriot and a quarter English

#7  What camera do you use?

Canon G7X Mark ii and Sony ZV-1

#8  Can we work with you?

Sure, if you contact me here.
What now?

My blog

I’m excited for this next chapter as I dip my toes into the world of written content. I’ve never scripted any of my videos so this feels quite put together and grown up. I want to be able to tell my story. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram captions are great, YouTube videos are great, but sometimes, I just want to sit down and read someone else’s story. I can’t be the only one?

Topics covered

Food & DRINK
Films & TV
Language & CUlture
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My digital footprint is scattered all over the internet and you’d have to watch a lot of content to get up to speed and I don’t expect you to do that. I’m spinning quite a few plates right now, so if you’d like to know more then click that like button and subscribe. Oh wait. How does it work on blogs? 

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