Why I took over a month off posting on Youtube

 17 February 2021 

Hey everyone, so you may have noticed that I haven’t uploaded a ‘proper’ Youtube video in a long time. I’ve been really happy however to sit down on a Saturday and do live streams with you all throughout January and February so far. To those of you who have caught a live or watched on catch up - thank you so much. I feel like the live streams have brought me closer to the people that matter. Of all the videos on the internet that you could have been watching, I’m always grateful you chose mine. 

I ought to tell you why I haven’t been uploading. I did want time off after vlogmas, but also, a few days before Christmas, Ach was told that he is being made redundant. Their words were “we are doing a company restructure, and within this restructure, your job no longer exists” which is the British way of saying you are being made redundant. Strangely, it is very hard to “get fired” in the UK. Employee’s here have a lot of rights, and the employer could have a hefty court case on their hands if they fired someone just because they didn’t want them to work there anymore. You have to have a seriously good reason.

I haven’t wanted to vlog around the house or for him to feel like I am sticking a camera in his face because he’s been quite unwell too. Last year I encouraged him to get seen about his stomach issues (agonising cramps, hot and cold sweats, vomiting at least once per month and we couldn’t figure out why). What was discovered was a lot of swelling and a large ulcer in his colon. They did a colonoscopy and some stool samples to come to this. After, they said they needed to do more tests and an MRI to get a proper diagnosis but their suspicions were that it could be ulcerative colitis or crohn's disease. This was in November 2020, around the same time we both caught Covid. I did a health update on youtube without saying UC or Chrons because I didn’t want to put that thought out into the open without an actual diagnosis. Since then nothing. Due to the current strain on the NHS, we are still waiting for a date for his MRI scan (it got postponed from January 11th until further notice because they are understaffed and over capacity right now with Covid patients). 

He was able to have some further blood tests at hospital a couple of weeks ago and I got a call to come and pick him up because they took so many vials of blood that he passed out and couldn’t drive himself home. The whole thing is a bit of a mess and as you can imagine, it’s not been the best environment for filming. He called up for the results of the test and they got his samples mixed up with someone else and we are still waiting for results. The whole thing really is a fucking mess. One of my best friends is an NHS nurse and I don’t want to bad mouth the system because I’m grateful that we have it; but it is hard when a (seemingly) fit and healthy person suddenly comes into a health issue and for the first time in their tax paying life and they need help. Since last year he has been on an URGENT (all in caps just like the letters from the hospital) list for an MRI scan but we still are waiting for a date. The cost of going private to fix all of this seems like the only option but annoyingly, private hospitals won’t take into account any NHS tests you’ve already had and would want to re-do everything themselves, at a cost. With him losing his job and us ploughing a lot of money into an investment property, full refurb, legal fees and so on, it doesn’t seem so viable right now. 

The flare ups have been more frequent. We aren’t sure what causes them, but surprise surprise, days after the news from his job, the agonising stomach cramps and projectile vomiting along with the sleepless nights started again. I have kept a log of all the dates of the flare ups along with a food diary. It’s horrible to witness his flare ups as there is literally nothing I can do to help him. I think his anxiety about the future and his job is only making it worse. I imagine it won’t be longer than 60 days until they finalise the redundancy, but it looks really bad on them as a company if they were to ask him to leave whilst these health issues are ongoing. They have to be seen to be helping and being supportive but I must admit, they aren’t doing much. 

There’s a lot of job losses in the world right now so I just wanted to say to anyone reading this who is maybe going through the same, I think there is light at the end of all of it. There’s something better on the other side and although right now the reason for it may not be clear it soon will be. Right now, we are in what feels like limbo. I’ve learnt so much about the UK corporate workplace in terms of the redundancy process and it really is quite complex. From what I've read, it’s very different to ‘getting fired’ or being made redundant in the US. Maybe I’ll film a video on it one day for a J&L video as it fits nicely into our UK vs USA niche. 

I’m sorry if all of this is not the happy usual post you’d get from me. I think if I tried to say it in a Youtube video I wouldn’t be able to hold it together so better that I write it. 

Loads of love and I'll see you in the next live stream! I’m going to try and film an “actual” video this week, maybe something light hearted as the world still feels quite heavy right now. 


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