Four Things I Want To Quit In the Next Four Weeks

 15 April 2021 

We are nearly half way through 2021 (ok - how?) and I wanted to take some time to reflect on how my goals are going. One thing I tried to introduce this year was a habit tracker in my diary, and to be totally honest, it felt amazing whilst I was waking up early, ticking things off my list, and getting into a really nice routine. Overall I felt more together and in control. So really as I write this it's both a mid year reflection on how it's all going as well as being a little bit of accountability for me.

If you missed the video, below I touched on what my goals for the first 6 months of the year were. Goal one was to create a consistent morning and bedtime routine, two was a monthly cashflow goal from property investing, and the last was to continue to improve my Greek but taking it up a notch.

Morning and Bedtime Routine

In January I was invited to be part of a Yoga programme called "Transform Now - the 28 day yoga challenge". It does what it says on the tin, you have to do yoga every day for a month and you track how it affects your mind, body, ability to sleep, ability to be present in the day. It sounds a bit woo-woo and usually I'm not really into all that. However, after a month, I was totally hooked. I found myself wanting to wake up before 6:30am because that's when my favourite teacher was teaching, and it just really helped me have that time in the morning to check myself before checking my notifications.

So, now nearly half a year later I can tell you that yoga is still a part of my life, however it's not a permanent fixture and I don't do it daily. I'd like to et back into the swing of doing it more because my body is crying out if I go more than 3 days without stretching (or 'flowing', as yogi's call it). I find that if I don't do yoga in the morning then it doesn't really happen, as other jobs end up taking priority. In terms of bedtime, I have been quite consistent with tech down at 10pm and then reading my book, lights out by 11pm.

Generate alternate revenue stream

In September 2019, Ach and I decided to get educated in property investing. The trainings were in the fundamentals of investing, lease options, distressed properties, HMO, commercial and buying at auction. Both his parents and mine have investment properties but they were not educated, and everything they know is self taught (and also using their own money).

Since we were starting with not a lot of savings, we couldn't just start buying houses. We met someone called Steph, she had built an incredible portfolio using OPM (other people's money) but applying the knowledge she had learnt through training. Her story inspired us, as well as the learnings from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, and we knew we needed to get educated at the same place she did. We now own multiple properties and are close to our phase 1 cashflow goal (to replace one of our full time salaries through property). I wouldn't have had a clue how to do any of this without the invaluable training I had. If you want to see more of what we get up to, you can check out my property channel here.

Improve Greek

Well, my teacher says im B1 now, which is great, but what does that mean? I don't really care about knowing all the grammar, I need the confidence to speak freely and express myself when I'm next in Greece (and Cyprus). Luckily, the more time I spend with my dad the better, since he talks to me in Greek and I often reply in English. However, I am starting to reply in Greek now, i'm also watching a very funny show called Στο Παρἀ 5 (pronouned sto para pende) on youtube, a classic show which I wasn't able to understand even a year ago. A language goal is harder to track, because anything can knock your confidence and feel like you don't know anything.

It wasn't until a couple of weeks ago, I was at home and my brother noticed how much my Greek had improved and complimented me on my progress. Being the youngest one in the family, I was also the laziest with language, and I'd let my brother talk for me. These days, he's asking me how to say certain things. This felt great! It could be an ego thing, but John has always been the smart one, so little wins like that are a reminder that I'm on track.

In terms of practising Greek with Achillea, it's not possible. People always suggest that we practise together but with him growing up around Greek-Cypriot speakers, it's a totally different dialect. He is really familiar and can communicate well with Greek speakers from Cyprus, however I understand Greeks from Greece much easier. It's just a bit confusing for me as a learner. I guess its like the UK equivalent of a London accent and an Irish one. My goals are to get comfortable enough with modern Greek first. I am actually a quarter Cypriot, as my Παπποὐ (grandfather) on my Mum's side was from Cyprus. As a kid I spent some summers there and I still visit my family there as much as possible, so I am familiar with the dialect and some Cypriot slang, but overall I find it harder to understand than modern Greek.

Work in Progress - mindset

There is one other goal that is more of an internal work in progress. It is not to take things personally. In The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz says that “Nothing other people do is because of you. It is because of themselves”. I read this quote over and over, especially when I feel emotionally vulnerable.

I want to take inspiration from this quote and stop taking things personally. It can be anything, a comment about my appearance, my choices, the way I choose to spend money. Anything. People will always have an opinion about others and they are completely entitled to them. However one thing i'm trying to work in is the ability to be unaffected by other people's words. I feel that the biggest breakthrough for me will be when I realise that nothing they have to say is about me, it's always a direct reflection of their own world and their own pain. As soon as I come to realise and believe that statement entirely, i'll be able to live a happier life day to day. The fear of judgement affects everyone, and I don't want to be someone who holds back just because of fear.

As Miguel says, if we take what people say personally, we try to force our way of life into their minds.

Hope it's not too deep to end on something like that, but I wanted to share! Let me know your thoughts, i'm always keen to hear about your goals and progress.


Lia Hatzakis
Hiya! I’m Lia, a British born Greek-Cypriot youtuber and actress living in West Sussex, UK. Welcome to my blog! I share my life stories, recipes, travel guides and outfits. Expect lots of ramblings and cups of tea.

One comment on “Four Things I Want To Quit In the Next Four Weeks”

  1. Congrats on your language journey success and the great strides that you have made in improving your fluency and easy in speaking Greek. Having grown up in a French Canadian (a.k.a. Québécois) household I completely understand the struggle it can be at times when moving from the standard spoken version of a language (in my case French) to a more regional, and in many ways completely different, dialect. For others which have not had a similar experience it can be quite difficult to understand just how much of a difference there can be. I appreciate the level of openness and honesty you put into your work because you show others that an online career is not all glamour and no worries but you also give us a sneak peek into what is less an alternate career path to a very viable option for people passionate about reaching others and in their own way teaching through their own experiences as online jobs can still be mystifying to many people. Keep up the wonderful work, love your property couples channel along with your personal channel and those with Joel. I'm looking forward to Those Two Brits 2.0. haha.

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