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Chats with Lia Hatz is a podcast where I host conversations with interesting and influential people within the entertainment & media industries. Sometimes the conversations are funny, sometimes more serious with funny bits. 
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All the jingles which you can hear in the intros and outro’s are created by me (because where else can I include my love for singing and my mediocre guitar / ukulele skills?) and every episode is also filmed and available on my YouTube channel in video format, if you’re more of a vodcast kinda person!

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Meet the Hostess

who is she?

I refer to myself as a content creator or ‘YouTuber’ but sometimes I like to throw in ‘actress’ to remind casting directors that I did go to drama school and worked on my amazing pretending skills for years before the internet became my playground. My career thus far is divided between things I’ve done with Joel Wood, my friend and acting classmate since we were 18, and things I’ve done on my own or with other people.
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