What Is A SheWee?

 18 January 2021 

Have you ever been in a position where you have to pee, but there is no toilet nearby? Or the ones available are so unhygienic that you would instead rather hold it in? Well, I have found the solution, ladies. A 'SheWee' is a funnel-like shape of plastic that assists with peeing while standing or sitting. It's an absolute game changer for women, and everytime I use mine I feel like I can hear Beyonce lyrics "if I were a boy" in my head!

Although I haven't tried it, there is also a SheWee flexi that you can use if you need more flexibility and comfort. The one I have tested below is not bendy, but it does have an extension to make the shaft longer which is super helpful.

If you're wearing a dress or a skirt, you don't need to worry about taking off your clothes. You literally pull your underwear to one side, hold the Shewee it in place and pee with confidence. If you're wearing jeans, however, it could be a little bit risky and you could get some spillage, especially if you haven't practised a couple of times.

Does It Work?

If it is your first time, you need to try it out before you carry it in your bag for emergencies, or long hikes, etc. If you're someone that goes to a lot of festivals, I think this is perfect for you too. You can give it a few trials in your shower or practice while standing in-front of the toilet bowl. You have to get the confidence first and also the right angle. A little bit of confidence goes a long way, I've found! It's a strange feeling, peeing standing up, but now that I've found this life hack I'm a total convert. I love not having to get my arse out for nature, even if it's just animals in the field looking, I don't want them to look, y'no?

One important tip when using it is not to press too much against your body. I press it gently over the area and make sure the pointed bit is facing down and away from me.

Although the (brave) lady in the above photo is wearing jeans, I still haven't tried that. But as soon as I mastered it in a skirt or playsuit, I was wishing I'd found it sooner as it would have made my long walks in nature much easier. Men really don't know how blessed they are, they have it so easy! I actually like to carry a little bit of tissue as well, just incase it goes wrong.

The fantastic thing is it comes with a safe, hygienic case. After peeing, shake the SheWee a little bit and put it back in the case. When you get home, rinse it and let it dry before putting it back in the case. Whenever I am somewhere public, I now have my SheWee in my bag so that I don't have to sit on any public toilet seats. Unlike the USA, toilets here in the UK do not provide any seat covers and sometimes you might be so desperate to pee that you don't have time to use tissue paper to create a cover piece by piece over the toilet seat.

Check out the below links of the SheWee which I have tried, tested and highly recommend!

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