Things to do in Halkidiki, Greece

 18 January 2021 

I was lucky enough to get away to Halkidiki for 14 days in August of 2020. It was the highlight of my year and I tell everyone I know to add it to their bucket list! Halkidiki or Chalkidiki (spelt both ways) is in Northern Greece and it's famous for its cosmopolitan seaside resorts, unique beaches, and beautiful conservative landscapes. Lots of Greek people choose to vacation somewhere like Halkidiki instead of flying abroad and it makes a lot of sense since theres so much beauty to discover on your doorstep if you live in Greece. Here are some of the Things to do in Halkidiki, Greece.

Visit Sane Beach

On the first leg there's a gorgeous beach called Sane Beach, there's an expensive end where you could be paying over 50 euros for a bed, parking space and complimentary water but as you can see in the above vlog, we managed to find a more reasonably priced spot on the beach which is less flashy and less of a rip off! You will need to carry some cash for parking but all of the food and drinks on the beach can be paid by card. We chose to have a snack on the beach but there are also restaurants in Sane village as shown in the video.

Enjoy swimming or maybe snorkelling (ever since buying a snorkel I have never looked back) in the crystal clear water. It doesn't matter how silly you think you look, you will not regret it! If you really just want to go there for the views then of course you can walk on the soft sand beneath the ocean floor and take in the view.

Visit the Possidi Cape Beach

Possidi Cape beach is quite possibly the most stunning beach I have ever seen in my life. It was at that moment that I wished I owned a drone so that I could show you what it looks like from above. It's nickname is "miti" which means nose, because of the shape of it. The so-called "Posidian Nose" is a natural phenomenon of sand deposition in the cape from the sea movement and it is just so beautiful. It is an exciting part of the coast as its small shape changes depending on the prevailing sea current. Just drive in and park your car next to the lighthouse. From there, the remaining part of your journey is on foot (unless you have a 4x4). We chose to carry an umbrella and some seats and a lot of water, since there is nothing once you get down there. So don't forget supplies! Click here to watch

When you walk along the cape beach, you feel like it is a mini sandy desert, but as you get further along you will begin to feel the embrace of the sea from both sides. 

Food And Drink In Halkidiki

There is an excellent variety of restaurants to choose from during your visit to Halkidiki. If you are someone who loves trying new foods and drinks, then this is your ideal place. Two of my recommendation's has to be Cabana in Sane (1st leg) and the other one is called Thea Thalassa (translated means Sea View) which was in a beautiful village called Afitos (on the 2nd leg).

I would encourage everyone to try authentic Greek cuisine. Why travel that far and ignore the fresh fish, greek salad and other signature dishes and deserts you will can't get anywhere else. Well you can but they won't taste as good! Always try to eat where the locals do, they know where's best!

Visit Thessaloniki 

You can take a little road trip away from Halkidiki and visit the nearby Thessaloniki. We actually started our trip in Thessalonoki, since the nearest airport to Halkidiki. It worked better for us to spent a couple of days here first, enjoy the coffee shops and bars, before renting a car and living in our bikini's for a week on our Halkidiki road trip.

Thessaloniki is sometimes overlooked by the ancient city of Athens, but unlike Athens, you can explore the historical centre on foot, stumbling past unique landmarks. I noticed that people are quite well dressed in of Thessaloniki, I felt a little bit like I was in an episode of Gossip Girl. The people and the vibe felt quite modern and effortlessly stylish. I was definitely underdressed for coffee, which I never thought would happen! It is one of the country’s major economic, political, industrial, and commercial centres. Most notably, the boardwalk along the port was particularly beautiful at night, and by day you can see it really is the transportation hub connecting Greece with the rest of Europe.

The city is famous for its unique festivals, events, and conservative cultural way of life. You might come across ancient ruins, castles, city walls when walking around. They actually tried to once build an underground metro service in Thessaloniki back in 2013, but once the digging for the project commenced, they found even more ancient ruins underground. These needed to stay preserved and Thessaloniki faced a dilemma. You can read more about it here.

While here, you could get a chance to attend annual events like Thessaloniki International Fair and Thessaloniki International Film Festival. I think I may be encouraging my director friends to submit our past and future projects to the film fest so that I can make another excuse for a trip to Greece!


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