We tried the Dominos Vegan Pizza and here’s how it went …

 18 January 2021 

I used to be one of those people that assumed Vegans didn't eat junk food, simply because they couldn't have any of what's in it. No dairy, no meat, no animal products whatsoever, plus why would they want it? Don't vegans avoid anything processed? Turns out I was wrong. There are plenty of vegans that do want to indulge in a slice of hot, cheesy, hangover medicine from somewhere like Dominos. Up until recently, it hasn’t been possible. But now that Dominos have released their vegan range, people have taken to social media to share their thoughts on it.

I like to tell myself that given the choice, I’d choose a wood fired pizza from Franco Manca over a fully loaded Dominos any day of the week. In the past, I have felt horrendous both before and after a Dominos, but still, I can’t say no to it if i’m with a group of people and someone else suggests it. In fact I secretly love that they've said Dominos and I kind of eye roll and go 'oh alright then'. Deep down, buzzing off my tits as the countdown begins, refreshing the page which shows all the stages of your pizza being "in the oven" or "on the way". What would a hangover be without a BBQ base Dominos? Not forgetting the garlic and herb dip which you must always order in excess because everyone fights over it.

I don't know who coined the term 'pizza snob' but me and Achillea is definitely one. If you haven’t already watched the video then you can check it out below. If it was up to him, a pizza would have ham, mushroom, and a little bit of artichoke on it. So ordering this Vegan dominos was not what he wanted to eat after coming back from a workout, but, I needed content and I wanted to see if he'd guess it was Vegan. Sorry hun.

I thought since i’d seen adverts popping up about their new vegan menu, it would be worth trying. I ordered the pizza closest to what I would get if I was having a Dominos and for an extra surprise I didn’t tell my boyfriend that it was vegan chicken, vegan cheese, even vegan garlic and herb mayo dip. He thought the chicken dippers tasted odd, but he couldn't put his finger on the fact that it was not chicken. He just thought it was mega processed. I personally thought the whole menu was really quite average. Many of my viewers on youtube comments tell me that it was undercooked for Dominos standard (I love how many of you are pizza connoisseurs).

I give it 5 out of 10. Overall I wouldn’t order again, but I think it’s great that Dominos have introduced it. Vegans need more options and definitely more takeaway options. I've heard Papa Johns Vegan pizza is the way better, but i've yet to try it. For next time, i'll be going back to my trusty Texas Chicken BBQ pizza from Dominos. Leave me a comment over on Youtube and let me know your thoughts!


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